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Bad Rehtaeh/Heather

7 weeks and no Journal...Sad!!! Sadness!!! LiveJournal used to be my love, yet with work taking up my time, I have relegated my posts to Facebook...Yes, I've taken on another lover...I'm sorry LJ!!! I have not meant to forsake you!!!! I prefer spending time writing...Alas! It is NaNoWriMo, I only have 884 words, and it is over halfway through...

December 17th is my last teaching day, perhaps I will have time to spend with you then...quality time, not a hollow, meaningless diatribe, such as this... (and by diatribe, I do mean the archaic version of a prolonged (rambling) discourse...).

No birthday greetings for others!!! No posts to my friends LJ entries...I promise to be better, but not now...No, my dear LJ, I must forsake you again, I fear, for RL takes me away to a land of meetings, dealing with angry, bitter people, lesson planning and grades...


Songs with lyrics that have meaning to me:

Ten Years Gone, Led Zeppelin
Thank You, Led Zeppelin
Free Will, Rush
Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield
That's The Way It Is, Celine Dion


More of Nothing

Farewell as HoA
Today I hand over the reins as First Reasoner of the White Ajah on Tar Valon.net  I couldn't be happier that I am passing the torch to Tiina/Natalya, but I still have a sense of loss.  Likely it is part of my personal need to be "in control" and "in the know" and I likely will go through withdrawals.  Yet, I am thankful for the experience and the opportunity to have served.

Recall the CA Legislators!
The stupid CA Legislature cannot agree on anything and the Republicans are completely digging in their heels at the expense of the poor, elderly, disabled and underserved.  The State plans on administering IOUs to the neediest populations this month in the absence of consensus on a budget.  How can the people I serve, who rely on SSI due to developmental disability (and who've already received $60/month in cuts) pay their rent when they can't even collect a check?  or buy groceries? 

Favorite new words
"Nerdvana" from the Bob & Tom Show...I aspire daily to Nerdvana...Today, I reached in only in my obsession with FB and LJ...I also learned "Geekgasm" at Terre d'Ange.net  I aspire to multiple Geekgasms leading to Nerdvana...

Again I ask
Is it healthy to dredge up and interact with ghosts from the past on FB?  I feel mostly content in my life, but certain interactions throw me straight back to being that 15-year old girl with braces, headgear, a back brace and glasses...There can be no longing for that, yet the need to "belong" resurfaces...That was 25 years ago!!!!  How can that be? 

Nothing meaningful

Re-reading Kushiel's Legacy series by Jacqueline Carey...I'm on Kushiel's Avatar...It's amazing how I'm enjoying these books even more the second time around...and how the books can inspire me to joy and also to tears...

Had a GREAT weekend with my spouse...we just hung out...watched the whole 2nd Season of 6-Feet Under (I never got to see the series the first time around due to teaching, no DVR and no HBO)...we got an umbrella for over our spa for 50% off at Target!!!  A great deal!  I didn't get to go golfing, but it was 108 Fahrenheit today, so that's okay! 

Work is busy...I'm glad I'm not teaching right now...the way the CA State Budget is going, we'll see if the bastard legislators can pass anything that allows me to keep my job(s) and doesn't throw the poor, disabled and elderly under the bus...I'd like to recall the whole legislature!!!

Hello to all!!!

Soy milk...

So, apparently my stepson was not okay...

However, he came to our house after his nap at his mom's.  He played video games as usual, ate a big dinner and dessert and quarreled about having to go to bed on time instead of staying up late on a school night...Normal, right?

The next morning he starts complaining that he doesn't "feel right".  Not unusualy behavior for him since he often uses this excuse to get out of things.  He is very "body aware" and every little quirk feels like a major illness to him, a bit of 11-year old hypochondria.  So, he eats breakfast, watches his cartoons and then when it's time to leave for school complains that he doesn't feel right.  I'm a bit frustrated at this point, because I have meetings at work and I don't have time for games.  So, I call his mom and let him know he he was the night before...she talks to him, asks him if he's nervous to go to school because he was teased by some kids the other day.  He says "no".  They agree that he should go to school, especially since it's only a half day on Wednesdays.

I drive him to school and ask if his mommy had prayed with him, he says "no", but would like me to pray with him.  So we pray, that the lord may touch his stomach and help him feel better, etc...

About a minute and a mile later, right in front of the school, guess who blows chunks three times in my car?  Yep!!!  I guess boy is really sick.  So, I call his mom and she calls the stepdad to let him know I will bring him home.  In the meantime, guess who now feels better and claims he's hungry?  The lord works in mysterious ways!  :lol

Poor kid, he was soaked in soy milk, as was the back of my car.  He waddled into his mom's house through the garage for a shower and I drove my car straight to the car wash for an upholstery shampoo before the milk baked in on a 95+ degree Fahrenheit day! 

I told them my stepson had spilled milk in the car, but they figured out it was more than milk.  They did thank me for bringing it in fresh before it had settled in, though.  So, I gave them a big tip.  :lol

Weird day...

Chai Flies When You Are Having Fun

I went to Starbucks this morning...the barrista warned me when I came in that she was "messy" and had already spilled a lot of things.  The cashier pumped the chai in my cup for her because she had already spilled chai on herself.  She made my drink, scooped off some foam and added more soy milk.  She place the lid on and handed me my drink. Off I went, happy as can be, only to have the lid explode off and the chai go flying all over my car, my arms and the ground.  I went back in after my chai shower and told her she had passed her skill onto me.  They gave me a new drink.

Progress Report and Eyeball

I went early to the Elementary school to drop my stepson's signed progress report off, but couldn't find the classroom.  I wandered around for a bit then asked another teacher where I might find the classroom.  She indicated in a general direction, but didn't know.  So, went off to wander some more.  And who before my wondering eyes did appear, but a little 11-year old and his backpack and gear.  Lucas!!!  He came running, gave me a hug and gratefully accepted his progress report, knowing he would not now be in trouble for turning it in late.  Then, he walked off to the playground and turned around three times to give me the ASL sign for "I love you"...  :D  But, poor kid...he had to the go to the nurse's later in the day because his eye was bothering him.  Then, his vision started getting fuzzy.  Then (and this is a kid who never naps), he fell asleep when he got home...Poor guy!  I hope he's okay!

A Co-worker Down

I go to work and we had a power outage. While standing in the hall, my boss dropped the bomb that one of our former co-workers had died suddenly this morning.  She felt terrible when I burst into tears.  Apparently an e-mail had gone out, but I hadn't turned on my computer prior to the power outage.  John will be missed.  But I feel so badly for his daughter and his wife who has a traumatic brain injury...so sad!


Today, I...
...wish I was golfing.
...made a double batch of waffles from scratch, some with min-chocolate chips.
...cooked almost a dozen eggs for breakfast.
...did all the dishes from said meal.
...will continue the laundry I started yesterday.
...had made plans with another host mother for church, but the teenage Danish exchange students wanted to go hang out instead.
...am running a teenager around so he can hang out with his other Danish buddies and there isn't enough room in the other car driven by another host mother..
...am about to go crazy listening to the 3rd hour of Star Wars Battlefront on the PS3.
...will likely accompany my husband and 11-year old stepson to World of Baseball to watch Lucas bat and bunt in between driving a teenager around.
...will reheat the homemade secret family recipe spaghetti sauce I made and simmered all day yesterday to be consumed today.
...will likely eat said meal with my husband and no one else, because the teen will be with his buddies and the stepson will return to his birth mother. 
...will clean the dishes following the meal.
...will think of three chores I should've done and didn't have time to do.
...will not have had a chance to play golf.

This is probably a good preview to what the next few years will be like with Lucas.  :lol


Happy Birthday Asalyn!!!

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